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Spring Arbor University Theater Promotions

Quiet On The Set!


The director of this production took a different spin on William Shakespeare's tale by setting the classic play in the 1960s. Symbolic imagery and varsity-jacket inspired typography carry this through to the promotional design. One of the most recognizable characters of the play is Bottom and his transformation into an ass—so naturally he is center stage on the poster. Puck is the manipulator so he sits atop the entire scene and influences not only the "dream world" in front of Bottom, but also causes mayhem throughout the entire wood behind them.

The Music Man is an American classic that has a wide slew of promotional designs that have amassed over its many years of production. I wanted to convey the idea of the musical without physically showing any of the main characters. Professor Harold Hill as the "music man" is an illusion to the people he scams, leading to a poster filled with flashing promises and energetic illusion. It all pivots on his hat, which symbolizes the costume and "face" he hides behind.


StageStruck was a monumental event for Spring Arbor University Theater because it was the first student written, directed, and producted musical in the history of the university. The musical revolves around the eternal theatrical feud between actors and techs. The show revolves around a "master plan" to steal the show that results in a solid plan gone bad. The stage is set and revenge is looking sweet.