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Meadow Brook Hall Website Redesign

Something Old, Made New


We developed a custom, responsive WordPress website solution optimized for mobile. Given that brides are very specific in their wedding needs, our new site plan broke out and expanded the existing page of wedding content into nine separate, keyword-optimized wedding experience pages, then coupled this with a new Google AdWords campaign featuring an ad group targeted to each of these experiences. In addition, we instituted a new conversion tracking system to gain better insight into where they were getting the most leads. As a result of the digital campaign, Meadow Brook experienced its best year of wedding bookings. The new website also included expanded, optimized content for business events, tours and community programs, laying the groundwork for future campaigns in these other revenue-producing areas. 

Client: Meadow Brook Hall
Agency: Marsch Creative
Creative Director: Jim TerMarsch
Creative Supervisor / Writer / Digital Strategist / Producer: Ryan Poquette
Art Director: Lauren Nadrowski