Lauren Nicole Creative
Your Strategic Design Partner

Lauren Nicole Creative

Strategic designer for emerging businesses


Get beautiful creative that's true to who you are and designed for your bottom line.


Ingenuity makes for a great brand.

Quirky. Spirited. Innovative. Just a few familiar words that immediately fan the ever-growing passion you have for your business. Whether you have a big brand goal or a small marketing project, I’ll work with you to visualize your business' strengths and create designs that turn your customers into lifelong fans.


Great creative starts with an effective partnership.

The creative process doesn’t have to be a chaotic, caffeine-fueled race filled with sleepless nights. In fact, with the right strategic design partner, it can be an enjoyable, efficient collaboration. 

With eight years of experience in the advertising and creative industry, I'll bring the values of your brand to life … all while providing you with peace of mind.  


How We Work Together


Pencil in Thoughts

Good questions and solid research start our design process. We'll talk through all the details of your creative goals, target customers, budget, and timeline before ever hitting pen to paper.

Pixelize the Ideas

With a little magic and a lot of brainstorming, several ideas come together that match both your objectives and personality. After noodling on the concepts, I'll doodle, design, and dazzle them together using the fantastic Adobe Suite. 

Pen the Changes

We work together to tweak and tinker until the design reflects your brand purpose to best connect with your customers. This can be the most tedious part, but it's worth every blood red pen.

Publish the Package

Whether it's launching your new brand on the web, printing new marketing collateral, or creating merch – I'll make sure that the finished product is as perfect as your spunky new brand.